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St. John Vianney Sports

CYO Physical Form
SJV Parent Athlete Handbook - 2008

Good Luck to All of Our Athletes!

Congratulations to our 8th Grade team who won their City Championships:

8th Grade Girls Volleyball

The History of St. John Vianney Youth Athletics

The Youth Athletic Program at St. John Vianney offers the youth of our parish numerous activities to participate in competitive athletics in a supportive and positive environment. Our athletic program began in the early-1970's with the formation of a high school boys basketball team.

In 1977 a boys TRACK program was added and in 1981 a girls track team was formed. Over the years the Track teams have earned a number of team and division championships as well as a number of regional and diocesan champions. A number of the athletes that have competed in the track program have gone on to success in high school and college, including a state champion and an All American. This program is open to boys & girls in grades 4 thru 8.

Our junior high BASKETBALL program began in the mid-1980s. Our teams have won a number of league championships and the regional sportsmanship award. This program is open to boys & girls in grade 4 thru 8. In 2009 3rd grade co-ed basketball was added to the program.

The 1990's have been busy in the athletic program. Four new sports have been initiated and each has had early success. In 1991 the SJV CROSS COUNTRY TEAM was created. Over the past 9 years our team has finished as Diocesan runner-ups and contained top area runners. Our athletes also have had success competing in national competitions. This program is open to boys & girls in grades 4 thru 8.

Also in 1991, HIGH SCHOOL BOYS BASKETBALL came back to SJV. As a result of the formation of this team a number of area parishes have also created high school teams. Our program is open to 9 to 12 graders. Girls may play at one of our adjoining parishes.

In 1992 VOLLEYBALL began at St. John Vianney. Our volleyball teams have been improving and competitive in league and tournament play. In the year 2000 we hope to expand our program to include a Developmental level team. This program will be open to 4th thru 8th grade girls. In 2010, the 8th grade girls won the City Championships!

For the past several years, the boys in grades 4 thru 8 have merged with St. Mary's to play FOOTBALL. In 2010, the 7th grade boys won the City Championship!

Athletes Prayer

Words of Champions

Help me to play the game, dear Lord, with all my might and main;
Grant me the courage born of right, a heart to stand the strain…

Send me a sense of humor, Lord, to laugh when victory’s mine;
To laugh, if I should meet defeat, without a fret or whine…

Give me the grace to follow rules, to ‘fess up when I’m wrong,
When silence or some other thing wins plaudits from the throng…

When foes are tough and fighting fierce and I am getting weak,
Dear God, don’t ever let me show a broad, bright, yellow streak.

And teach me, Lord, life’s game to play just one day at a time.
With Thee as coach and trainer, Lord, real victory must be mine.

Updated 11.21.13
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