All Saints of St. John Vianney

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Spiritual Life                

Sacred Heart Chapel is the place of liturgical worship for the students of All Saints School. In it liturgies and paralitugies are celebrated commemorating the holydays or other significant feasts throughout the church year.

The students of grades 4-5-6 are invited to participate in the All Saints School choir. A few seventhand eighth grade students choose to remain in choir if their schedules permit. Choir meets for practice once a week - Wednesday from 1:20 to 2:00. The choir participates in all liturgies and paraliturgies held throughout the school year. Sr. Veronica is the choir director.

Eucharistic Adoration
Each class visits the chapel once a month for Eucharistic Adoration.

All Saints School is blessed to have the priests from St. John Vianney visit the school each week. They also officiate at our liturgies and paraliturgies. Father Tom Johns, our pastor, visits the second and third graders. They enjoy his stories and Father has a knack for getting them thinking. Father Russ Rauscher teaches the fourth and fifth graders. This year we welcome Father Jim Roach, who teaches the sixth and eight graders. Our kindergarten and first grade students are visited by Mrs. Mary Kovach, who is a pastoral associate at St. John Vianney. The children continue to pray for our priests and thank God for sending such wonderful people to serve our parish and school.

Rest in Peace, Father Kline! All Saints of St. John Vianney School was founded by Father Kline in 1977. There are so many stories and memories that can be shared about this special priest. The children loved having him visit and teach in their classrooms. His religion lessons touched their lives. He enjoyed talking to the kids and told them corny jokes but he most especially loved saying Mass at school and giving the children the sacraments. Celebrating Father’s 50th and 60th ordination anniversaries were two very special days at All Saints. Well done, good and faithful servant!

Service Projects
There are many service projects available to our students. We have several food drives throughout the year to help the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The students also make cards and signs for men and women on retreat and those in need.
The Jr. High students are required to complete service hours.
(Grade 6 - 6 hours, Grade 7 - 10 hours and Grade 8 - 14 hours.)

Sister Veronica
Sister Veronica is the Religion and Liturgy coordinator for All Saints School. She teaches Grades 1 through 5 once a week. The students learn liturgical vocabulary, Bible study and are prepared for feasts in the liturgical year. Sister is the Jr. High Religion teacher. She meets with them daily. Sister Veronica also serves as the school's choir director.

Updated 10.11.13

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